Recently in a discussion on how to develop new product ideas, someone said it should be possible to come up with new concepts for any specific industry — in less than a minute.

Sure, why not, eh?

Okay, someone else said, here’s your product line: PEPPER. Table pepper, ground black pepper. Sixty seconds — go!


And we did it! In forty-one seconds this idea presented:

Fresh ground pepper at the fast-food drive-through.

Sure! A little piece of aluminum fashioned to create a spring-mechanism with one or two peppercorns inside. Grind your pepper for that sandwich!

Okay, we admit it’s not a feasible product. It would be way too expensive for the drive-through price parameters. Sure, we know that. But the quick idea was pretty cool, maybe. What do you think??

In any case, whatever you need in your product line, we can create marketable items for your consideration immediately.